It Started With A Fever and a Weird Kind Of Tiredness: Zoa Morani on Surviving COVID-19

Actress Zoa Morani who battled COVID-19 shared her experience of the hospital after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, her symptoms and the way the medical staff and the municipal authorities took extra care to make the patients comfortable. Check out the video here.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 19, 2020 13:56 IST

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Here’s how Zoa Morani battled COVID-19.


In a live session with NDTV, Zoa Morani who survived the COVID-19 shared her experience of the hospital after being tested positive for the disease. She shared details about her symptoms and the way medical staff and municipal authorities took extra care to make the patients comfortable. 

Ms. Morani told NDTV, “It started with a fever, and a weird kind of tiredness. I didn't give it any importance for two to three days, but then I developed a cough and chest congestion. It didn't feel like a normal flu, so I went to my doctor,"

"We were all very scared, especially my parents who hoped that it was just another viral flu. However, I had isolated myself (even before the tests). But the only way out of it was to go get tested," she added. Watch the video below: 

Bollywood producer Karim Morani, Ms. Zoa Morani's father, and her sister Shaza also tested positive while her mother tested negative for the virus. They both were also admitted to the hospital, who are now discharged. Shaza returned from Sri Lanka in the first week of March, and Zoa came back from Rajasthan around mid-March.

Zoa Morani asserted that she went for the test, she found everything to be systematic and "the doctors were very sensitive and receptive. They knew what they were doing. I felt safer being in the hospital." When her test results came back positive, the laboratory informed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in Mumbai, who then called her, providing information about hospitals and asking questions about her travel history and family. "They later sanitized the whole house, the building, and the road," Ms. Morani said. 

"Ashtanga Yoga practice helped me a lot in being positive while in the hospital... I did breathing exercises, which kept me calm," she added. The actress said that she was allowed to use her mobile phone to stay in touch with her family while in the hospital. "My father also got back from the hospital after nine days. He had tested positive after five days in the hospital," she informed. "All of us have been asked to live separately and not meet my mother. We have been asked to stay in isolation for 14 days," Ms. Morani added.

The actress said she could not wait to get back to the set and start working once the pandemic is over. "I am totally waiting to get to the set... and hug all my friends. Suddenly, little things have become so meaningful." The most significant learning from the whole experience, Ms Morani said, was getting to know the importance of controlling your mind, without depending on anyone else. "You need to know how to deal with your emotions... and be your best friend. I have learned that over the past few years."

The number of coronavirus cases in India has climbed to 15,712, which includes 507 deaths, the Union Health Ministry said today. Worldwide, more than 2,289,500 people have tested positive for the highly contagious virus and more than 1,57,500 have died. Protection Status