Jaaved Jaaferi to file defamation against a social media user for sharing alleged fake tweet

According to Actor Jaaved Jaaferi, he will file a defamation lawsuit against a social media user for sharing an alleged fake tweet. A screenshot in Jaaferi's name was making rounds on social media, alleging the actor made anti-Hindu comments.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 20, 2020 19:37 IST

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Twitter video

In a Twitter video, the actor said he's not going to take the matter lightly and wondered how "hate spreads so quickly in this country." The screenshot is first and foremost false. Neither did I tweet something like that, nor is my Twitter picture show. Had I tweeted that, somebody would have at least replied. It would have been violated by the one who took the screenshot, too, "he said.

The actor listed a person's Twitter handle, which apparently shared the screenshot first and that of another person who tweeted a video, asking the actor to respond if "you dare."

"I have both the courage and the answer. Like your agenda, this screenshot is also fake. People should have at least checked it out. Now, either you prove the screenshot's authenticity or make a video and apologize. We learned that this fake picture was first started on Facebook," he said, mentioning the person's name.

There should be a judicial investigation against him as our Honorable Prime Minister has already said that stern action against false news and hatemongers should be taken. So we will file a defamation case against him, "the actor said.


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