Jacqueline Fernandez does a Headstand Split - Watch Video here

Jacqueline’s secret of her strength and flexibility seems to be Yoga. Check out her video in which he does a normal headstand followed by split legged headstand which is also known as Sirsasana.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020 14:10 IST




Jacqueline does Sirsasana.

Recently, she showed her followers how to do yoga stretches for a healthy spine. Taking her fitness game to the next level, she shared a video on her Instagram, which will leave you awestruck. Jacqueline is seen doing a variation of headstand without any support. Watch the video below:


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Sirsana is known to prevent premature aging while keeping the brain and other sensory organs alert and active. This asana keeps your skin, hair, and reproductive system healthy. 

In the case of a beginner, start practicing headstand against a wall for support following the steps explained by a professional.

How to do twisted split headstand

Start with Sirsasana. Open your legs apart gradually from front to back and press out through the heels to form a split. In this posture, the hips will no longer be horizontally aligned. If your left leg is in front, start twisting your torso to the right. Firmly pull back through the opposite shoulder. Allow the abdominal muscles to engage so that the lower back does not curve too much.


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