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Kartik Aaryan

Days after Kartik Aaryan's sister Kritika reported in a note that the actor wasn't having enough time with her, the two are now churning out funny videos on TikTok back-to-back. Kartik's latest video shows Kritika beating the actor.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 15:08 IST

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Kartik posted the video on Instagram and captioned: "Subah Utho Nahao Pito So Jao #QuarantineLife #KokiToki." It shows Kritika playing a joke with Kartik, who after falling into her pit ends up being slapped by her.


Many of the fans and friends of Kartik laughed at the video that in a few hours had 2.5 million' likes.' The doctor by profession, Kritika, commented: "sweet revenge." In response to her comment Kartik gave her a rose emoji. Arjun Kapoor has responded to the video "Angrezi Medium," Warda Khan Nadiadwala commented, "Ahhhhhh!!!!! Badlaaaaaaaa." A fan also wrote, "Hahahahahahahahaha @dr.kiki_ Kya revenge liya hai ... maza aa gaya @kartikaaryan."

Kartik posted a video a day before, flipping his sister to serve him a badly made chapatti and captioning it "No compromise on the quality of food." The actor can be seen taking a bite of a chapatti in the video but hates it. He's running towards his girlfriend, pulling her by her braid, swinging her out of the balcony.

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