Khalid Mohammed Shared a Tweet First Day Shoot with Hrithik Roshan

Khalid Mohammed shared a tweet on the official page of his twitter. He shared a Hrithik Roshan first day of shoot for the AMAAN in FIZA. The series is streaming on NETFLIX. The Fiza movie streaming on Netflix app. 

Updated: Apr 28, 2020 11:51 IST




Khalid Mohammed - Twitter

PIYA HAJI ALI - the first day of shoot with HRITHIK ROSHAN as AMAAN in FIZA. The film is now streaming on NETFLIX. Fiza tries to find her brother Amaan disappeared during the 1993 Bombay riots. The script Aman returns home but is haunted by the past and struggles to live a peaceful life. This movie is available on Netflix Subscription. The film is directed by Khalid Mohamed.