Know if Someone is stalking you on WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has made significant strides in making sure that user privacy is respected, there are a few complications that some users experience with regards to this.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020 17:47 IST


Roselet Sheena Merli

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Know if someone is stalking you!

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms worldwide with over 2 billion users. Currently, it is owned by Facebook. With the emergence of knock-off versions of WhatsApp, like WhatsApp Gb, privacy seems to be under threat more than ever.

How then do you know that someone is stalking you? The answer is that you can’t. At least for now. But there are a few signs that will show you if someone is stalking you.

As per the information given in WhatsApp tips and downloads, there are 5 crucial signs which you need to know if someone is stalking you.

Some of the signs to "know if someone is stalking you" are:

  • The person who is stalking you is constantly online when you are online as well.

  • The person will be the first to view your status updates.

  • The person sends you a message the moment you go online.

  • The person consistently notices and comments on changes in your status updates

  • The person consistently notices and comments on changes in your profile picture.

  • The tick sign immediately turns blue after you send that person a message.

it is not possible to pinpoint who viewed your profile picture but you can be able to see who viewed your WhatsApp status and you can control who can contact you on WhatsApp.

How to see who viewed your WhatsApp status?

To know whoever viewed your WhatsApp status, you just have to turn on your receipts.
Go to WhatsApp 'Settings'
Then to 'Privacy Settings'
Go to the bottom of the page and turn on 'Read receipts'
By turning on 'Read receipts' you and the other person who has turned on receipts will be able to see each other’s WhatsApp story.
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Set who can contact you on WhatsApp:

To control being contacted on WhatsApp, keep your phone number private. If someone you don't want to be contacted by gets your phone number somehow, you can block them. It's straightforward and works right away.
Open the profile of the person whom you want to block
Tap 'Block' and 'Report Contact.'
Confirm the block
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See who frequently checks your WhatsApp last seen:

There is only one possible way to know if someone frequently visits your WhatsApp profile and checks your last seen. For this, you need to use a modified WhatsApp version, "WhatsApp+." The application allows users to view how often their contacts visit their profile. 
The WhatsApp+ feature will let you get a pop-up that gives a notification saying your friend is online and if they’ve seen your profile in the last 30 minutes.