Lakshman aka Sunil Lahri, from Ramayan, thanks fans for their unconditional love and support

Sunil Lahri aka Lakshman from Ramayan has shared a video on Twitter thanking all his fans. The actor is full of gratitude towards his well-wishers and fans for loving him unconditionally and showing immense support for his character of Lakshman.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 18:37 IST

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Ramayan's Lakshman Tanking on Twitter

Ramayan's Sunil Lahri aka Lakshman has posted a Twitter photo, thanking all his followers. The actor is full of appreciation to his well-wishers and fans for unconditionally loving him and displaying overwhelming love for his Lakshman character. Sunil Lahri told his fans in the video that he would keep entertaining his fans in any way possible and would never let them down. He also confirmed that he's only come so far in existence because of the support and inspiration of his family, or otherwise he'd not be somewhere.

Sunil Lahri also mentioned that in future, if he does any show or takes up any project, he won't disappoint any of his fans and will keep up to their expectations and love. Here's what he captioned the video as: "Dhanyvad. Mere Sabhi shubhchintakon ko Mere chahane Wale Or aur mere kam ki Tarif Karne Walon Ko. I love you all... Protection Status