Liquor shops allowed to re-open in Maharashtra Except for Mumbai and Pune

The Center also explained that shops should be permitted to reopen in Monday's red, orange and green areas in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, announced Saturday's News Minute. Yet they are not permitted in containment zones.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 03, 2020 16:40 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Liquor and paan Shops to be Open

The Center released guidance on Friday authorizing the opening of all independent shops in all three districts, and in containment regions. Nonetheless, a clarification was given as the notice did not specify that liquor shops might operate in red zones. "Sale of liquor, paan, tobacco to be allowed after ensuring minimum six-feet social distancing; not more than five persons at one time at shop," guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs said.

With the vast number of coronavirus cases in these areas, these six meters-Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru-have been declared "hotspots" and come under red zones. The Delhi government has directed all of its department-run liquor shops to include information regarding independent shops that may reopen. Protection Status