Mahhi Vij Shares her Motherhood Story on Instagram after Pregnancy

Mahhi Vij shared on Instagram a post in which she shared her motherhood story after pregnancy. Read on to see what she took to social media.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 28, 2020 18:55 IST

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Mahhi Vij on Motherhood.

Actress and model Mahhi Vij recently welcomed her little munchkin into this world. Her Instagram is filled with videos and pictures of the tiny human being. Recently she shared an image of her and her little daughter and exposed her thoughts about motherhood, and the body-shaming most women undergo after pregnancy. 

She wrote, “Let’s get one thing straight, Body-shaming someone is never OK, even if the target is a public figure. However, despite the fact that this should be a universal rule of decorum, people are still prone to criticizing the appearances of others, including those of new moms. Even after my delivery people used to come to me and say things like you’d look gorgeous if you put down some weight! All I would say, don’t let these comments take a toll on you.. just eat right and let your body heal because you have just delivered a human out of your body! Love your body just the way it is.. I know it might bother you.. but it’s are beautiful just the way you are, with or without stretch marks or pregnancy scars.. I have a c-section scar in my body and I’m proud of it. All we need is for someone to tell us we are doing great and we look okay. After all growing a baby, carrying them for nine months and then giving birth is the biggest change in a women's life and she needs all the kindness, power, and positivity around her she can get.” Check out her post below:

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Here’s a picture of her baby girl named Tara, to brighten up your day.

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