Malaysia Removes Dress up, not nag Coronavirus Posters for Women

On Tuesday, Malaysia Government apologized after telling women to speak with a cartoon cat voice and avoid nagging their husbands during the coronavirus lockdown, a move that sparked a sexism row.


by Sabiya

Updated: Apr 03, 2020 13:12 IST

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Apologises after Backlash

The Ministry for Women apologized for telling women to dress up and keep their voices down for their husbands during the coronavirus lockdown following an intense online backlash against a series of animated posters. The outcry erupted after Malaysia's Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) posted several graphics online as part of a social media campaign to avoid domestic conflicts during the partial lockdown.

Women Under Slogan, Graphics included advice to prevent COVID-19, pleasing a husband, not avoiding a disease. One Campaign poster encouraged women to dress up and put on makeup as usual during the lockdown and not wear the home clothes.

Another Graphic poster encourages women to use a silly voice or imitate Doraemon, a popular anime cat character, instead of nagging about chores. 

A third graphic shows a man sitting on the couch while asking his wife not to be sarcastic about the household chores.

How did preventing baby dumping, fighting domestic violence to some sad variant of the Obedient Wives Club? A Twitter user wrote before the government apologized.

Women's groups warned of lockdowns, seeing a rise in domestic violence. The government stepped up response, including in France, it offers hotel rooms to victims. Malaysia ranked 104 out of 153 countries in the latest World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index. Protection Status