Man Dresses as Superman to tribute to a Delhi Doctor

The health workers, first aid responders, the police and others fighting a relentless battle against COVID-19 are no less than superheroes. The social media platform Twitter recently introduced the world to Superman aka Dr Shahnawaz B. Kaloo!

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 17:50 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Doctor to Superman

The emergency professionals, first aid providers, the military and those who are battling a constant war against COVID-19 are no fewer than superheroes. The Twitter social networking site recently welcomed Superman and Dr. Shahnawaz B. Kaloo to the world! 

The microblogging website has been telling users to put up their selfies over the weekend, pledging to send them a "hair cut" during this shutdown. As Dr. Kaloo posted his selfie, photoshopping the doctors shot the social networking platform, making him the red mask, a large S over his face, and the Clark Kent / Superman fashion look trademark.

"That really is a great surprise. It's not always that doctors and healthcare workers get recognized. It feels really good when people recognize your efforts," he tells us, pleasantly surprised with all the attention he has received ever since the 'super' tweet. "Yes, I have received a lot of direct messages with people thanking me and other doctors and healthcare people like me. Things like these only encourage us. It's a long flight, and we need all encouragement possible," he says. Dr. Kaloo who has been working round the clock takes care of the patients with liver issues. " Yes, COVID-19 patients are a big priority. But there are other critical patients as well. And they are a lot more prone to this disease, and therefore, their care is even more important," he says, adding that while its extremely difficult for him to be with his family, especially two young kinds " who don't really understand what is happening", this is what he signed up for. Protection Status