Mika Singh, Chahatt Khannas romantic song Quarantine Love will make you miss your partner

For their alleged relation, Bollywood singer Mika Singh and TV actress Chahatt Khanna have ruled the limelight these days. When the two exchanged photos with each other, the rumors started to ignite, and it was speculated they were living together during the lockdown. Soon after, the actress explained she had shot with the playback singer for a song.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 16, 2020 14:13 IST

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The song 'Quarantine Love' is now available and will definitely make you miss your partner. The album is a modern version of the old 'Bade Ache Lgte Hain' classic. Interestingly, Mika Singh is seen romancing the actress, unlike his other songs.

Earlier, there was talk that Chahatt Khanna broke the rules of the lockdown to be in his home with Mika Singh. In response to the reports, the actress declined to break the lockdown protocol to film her new song's music video Bade acche lagte hain with Mika Singh, claiming she shot the song before the lockdown.

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He (Mika) sits next to my house, and that happened before the seizure of my house. I had gone to his place, we made a video on our phone, and we decided to come up with something that would be a timeline for people in quarantine. We tried to produce something for the quarantine time, "Chahat said.

The song was sung by Mika Singh, and I feature in the video. Anything new. We've both fired off. It's about quarantine, and how couples during quarantine should spend time at home.



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