Minister slams 5G coronavirus conspiracy dangerous nonsense as towers burnt

British cabinet minister Michael Gove has called conspiracy theories of 5G coronavirus "dangerous nonsense" as vandals burn down mobile towers. It seems lost on the developer that nowadays 3 G and 4 G networks are pretty much everywhere, but luckily reports of SARS and Swine Flu are almost unheard. Frequencies much higher than those used even in 5 G networks – such as UV and X-Rays – can cause damage to DNA, but certainly not to viruses.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 10, 2020 12:44 IST

Tags: 5G Tech Tech
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Argument about 5G is absolute nonsense: Professor Stephen Powis

Many can recall seeing a few similar arguments here and there during 3 G and 4 G rollouts. The rapid spread of the unsubstantiated argument about 5 G that triggers COVID-19 is attributed in part to celebrity endorsements from Woody Harrelson, and Amanda Holden likes. While other conspiracy theories are relatively harmless; it is this one that places life on the line.

"These arguments are not only unfounded, but they are also detrimental to the people and businesses who depend on the quality of our services," EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone said in a joint statement. "They have led to our engineers being harassed, and in some cases, stopped critical network maintenance."

People burn down mobile towers over arguments, uploading videos online, and even developing city-to-city "scoreboards." People need mobile communications more than ever to stay in touch with their loved ones, feel less alone, and contact emergency services if needed.

NHS national medical director Professor Stephen Powis said: "The argument about 5G is full and absolute nonsense. It's nonsense; this is the worst form of false news. The reality is that mobile phone networks are vital to us all, particularly at a time when we ask people to stay at home and not see relatives and friends.

"Specifically, those are also the telephone networks that our emergency services and our health professionals use. I am completely appalled, totally insulted that people should take action against the very services that we need to respond to the health emergency. "In all situations, the measured rates of EMF from 5G-enabled cell phone base stations are at small fractions of the rates defined in the ICNIRP Guidelines (the highest level is about 1.5 percent of the relevant level)," is the key overview of Ofcom's investigation.
Last week Ofcom started warning media outlets that if they were found to support the 5G conspiracy theories they would face sanctions. Together with the EU, the British Government has opened consultations with the major social networks to urge them to act on their platforms against such content.

Michael Gove: I scrolled last week across a video of someone filming a mobile tower burning. I got the following reply after reporting it to Facebook, showing-in my personal opinion-a complete lack of responsibility: Protection Status