Nagpur Police Spreads Stay Home Stay Safe Slogan In A Creative Tweet

An image tweeted by Nagpur Police seems to be mysterious and gets your attention.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 03, 2020 14:20 IST

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Nagpur Police Force has a creative way of promoting home quarantine.

Social media has become a great tool to spread awareness and updates about COVID19 undoubtedly. While some people are bored during this lockdown, some take this as an opportunity to rest at home, develop skills, sleep and what not? Creating memes about coronavirus, laughing at it and spreading it too has become a part of the daily routine recently. 

Twitter users who follow Nagpur Police, have been attracted to a tweet which was done on Thursday. The image, in a creative way, reminded people to stay home in order to stay safe amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

When one zooms the image, they can see their own reflection.

Check out the tweet here: Protection Status