Narasimha Jayanti 2020: Why is Narasimha Jayanti Celebrated? Know the Importance, Date, Timing and Puja Vidhi of Narasimha Jayanti

Narasimha Jayanti 2020: The day of arrival of Lord Narasimha, Shri Vishnu's incarnation, is regarded as Sri Narasimha Jayanti. It's celebrated on May 6, which is one of the Hindu calendar's most auspicious days. Read on to know more details of Narasimha Jayanti, Narasimha Jayanti 2020 puja vidhi, Ugram Veeram Narasimha Mantra and Narasimha Jayanti wishes and greetings.

by Monika

Updated: May 06, 2020 13:06 IST

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Narasimha Jayanti 2020

Narasimha is a fierce avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth, thereby restoring Dharma. Narasimha iconography shows him with a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws, typically with a demon Hiranyakashipu in his lap whom he is in the process of killing. The demon is a powerful brother of evil Hiranyaksha who had been previously killed by Vishnu, who hated Vishnu for killing his brother. Hiranyakashipu gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside, by any weapon, and by man or animal. Endowed with new powers, Hiranyakashipu creates chaos, persecutes all devotees of Vishnu including his own son. Vishnu understands the demon's power, then creatively adapts into a mixed avatar that is neither man nor animal and kills the demon at the junction of day and night, inside and outside. Narasimha is known primarily as the 'Great Protector' who specifically defends and protects his devotees from evil. The most popular Narasimha mythology is the legend that protects his devotee Prahlada, and creatively destroys Prahlada's demonic father and tyrant Hiranyakashipu.

Why do we Celebrate Narasimha Jayanti?

The day of arrival of Lord Narasimha is regarded as Sri Narasimha Jayanti. It's celebrated on May 6, which is one of the Hindu calendar's most auspicious days. 

This day is being observed to encourage us to take the best direction in life and to give us the courage to stick up for the right thing always. This auspicious day is observed at Vaisakh during the Shukla Paksha on the Chaturdashi tithi, according to Hindu mythology and calendar.

Narasimha Jayanti 2020 timing

Narasimha Jayanti 2020 timing is called the Vaisakh Shukla Chaturdashi and it will start at 11.21 pm on May 5 and end at 7.44 pm on May 6.

Narasimha Jayanti 2020 Puja Vidhi

Devotees wake up early morning before sunrise and take a bath. They offer special prayers (Puja) to the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narasimha. After the puja ceremony, they offer coconut, sweets, fruits, Kesar, flowers, and kumkum to the idol of Lord Narasimha. They then begin their fast that starts at sunrise on Narasimha Jayanti and ends at sunrise the following day.
They do not consume any cereal or grain during fast and recite sacred mantras to please the deities. In the end, devotees donate sesame seeds, clothes, food, and precious metals to the needy is considered auspicious.

Ugram Veeram Narasimha Mantra

"Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham Nirisimham Bhishanam Bhadram Mrutyur Mrutyum Namamy Aham" is the Ugram Veeram mahaa vishnu sloka that is recited during prayers.

Narasimha Jayanti Prayers

A number of prayers have been written in dedication to Narasimha avatar. These include:

  • The Narasimha Maha-Mantra

  • Narasimha Pranama Prayer

  • Dasavatara Stotra by Jayadeva

  • Kamasikha Astakam by Vedanta Desika

  • Divya Prabandham 2954

  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram by Adi Shankaracharya

Narasimha Jayanti Wishes or Narasimha Jayanti Greetings 

  • This Vaishakha Chaturdashi, Shukla Paksha, may Narasimha Bhagwan shower you with his choicest blessings. Here's wishing you and your family on this auspicious day. 

  • This Narasimha Jayanti, eliminate the Hiranyakashipu within you, to restore Dharma. May only goodness prevail. Here's wishing a very Happy Narasimha Jayanti to you and your family.

  • Narasimha Jayanti was the day when Shri Vishnu appeared as a half-man-half-lion to uproot evil and restore Dharma. Here's extending my warm greetings to you and your family on this auspicious day. May you derive the strength to win all the battles in your life. 

  • Vaishakha Chaturdashi, Shukla Paksha is celebrated as the birth of Narasimha Bhagwan, the one who epitomises power, strength and justice. This Narasimha Jayanti, let us all seek his blessings to uproot the evil called coronavirus. Protection Status