Nashik police celebrate couple who got Married at Home

Amid, coronavirus lockdown, a couple got married at home without indulging in major celebrations. Seeing them not violating any lockdown rules, Nashik police congratulated them in their own way.

Updated: May 04, 2020 16:24 IST


Roselet Sheena Merli

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Couple gets married at home!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has turned our daily lives upside down.  People lost their jobs, schools were shut down. For some, bigger plans and announcements got stalled. The lockdown has been extended for the third time in India. 

A couple in Nashik, Maharashtra got married at their home without violating any rules laid by the Government of India to contain the COVID-19 spread. 

The Nashik police decided to surprise them with a special gesture of appreciation for abiding by the law. 

In the video, we can see the couple looking at the cops from their balcony. The policemen spoke to them through a loudspeaker. “Everybody must know that this girl got married without flouting any rules. And that she didn't give any celebratory colour to her wedding. But I'm also sad that you had to do it in such intense and critical circumstances. I will play a song on my phone to congratulate you on behalf of all of us.I'm sure good days are waiting for you after this lockdown and you will treat everyone for your wedding.” he says in Marathi. And the cop proceeded to play the romantic song Mubarak Ho Tum Ko Ye Shaadi Tumhari.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray took to Instagram to share a video of the police celebrating the couple.