Need to know how to change the UPI pin on Phone through payment apps like GooglePay, Phonepe and Paytm? Here is the step by step method

This is the best guide to read if you're new to the UPI system and want to modify your UPI Pin on Google Pay, Paytm or PhonPe. have an eye here. 

Updated: May 01, 2020 22:04 IST




How to change the UPI?

UPI, is the short form for the Unified Payments Interface, it is a great way to transfer or receives money immediately between two mobile phone bank accounts. Pay, Paytm and PhonePe by Google are some of India's best payment applications that use UPI to provide simple and secure money transfers.

You are required to create a UPI pin when performing any transaction via the UPI system. Like other online platforms, you often need to modify your Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe UPI Pin to maintain the security of your linked bank account.

You must think about changing it if you've been using the same UPI pin for a long time now. We walk through the process of changing the UPI pin.

Method to change the UPI pin in 

Google pay

  • On your mobile phone, open Google Pay.

  • Tap your photo at the top left of the screen.

  • Click the 'Account' button.

  • Choose the bank account to be edited.

  • Tap 'More' then choose 'PIN Change.'

  • New UPI PIN creation.

  • Enter the UPI PIN again.


  • On your mobile phone, open PhonePe.

  • Tap the 3 bars in the top right corner of the screen to open the open menu.

  • Now go to the section on 'Bank Accounts.'

  • Choose a bank account for which the UPI Pin you want to change.

  • Enter your debit / ATM card's last six numbers and expiry date.

  • A OTP (One Time Password) will be requested from you to enter from your bank.

  • Submit it. 


  • Open your phone with Paytm

  • At the top-left corner of the screen (right next to the name) click on the profile icon

  • Tap 'Settings' and scroll down

  • The screen shows four options, tap 'Payment Setting'

  • Under Payment Configuration, click on "Saved Payment Details’

  • To change the UPI pin, click on the bank account

  • Tap 'New UPI PIN creation’

  • Enter your card's last six digits and date of expiry

  • Click on Proceed