No One Knew You Before Aamir khan's Dangal: Babita Phogat Slammed For Communalising Nizamuddin Meet

Gold medallist of Commonwealth Games Babita Phogat was massively criticized for allegedly criminalizing the Nizamuddin incident.

by Sabiya

Updated: Apr 03, 2020 15:38 IST

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Markaz Nizamuddin incident

On late Thursday night, Phogat posted a cryptic tweet, referring to the incident that took place in Indore when a mob of angry locals attacked Healthcare workers and civic officials after the latter tried to screen residents of a locality for COVID-19. It might have spread through bats, in India, it spread through illiterate pigs, Phogat tweeted alongside a hashtag NizamuddinIdiots to her post. Target a community and to communalise the Markaz Nizamuddin incident, where over 2,000 people had gathered for a religious event.

One Twitter user took a dig at Phogat, writing, Record amount of bigotry, hate, and fake news in just 17 words. You should get a Gold Medal for this achievement. Some even pointed out that Babita's claim to fame was Aamir Khan's Dangal. Yet, she was trying to bad-mouth the actor's community, tweeting, Aamir Khan brought insignificant hate-mongering fools like Babita Phogat to the limelight, and today she shamelessly abuses his community. Dangal release was an all-time blockbuster that narrated the story of the Phogat sisters Babita and Geeta. Mahavir Phogat coached by their ex-wrestler father into becoming champions. The wrestler later tweeted a clarification, saying that her post aimed at denouncing the acts of those who attacked the police, doctors, and nurses across the country. I have no motive to write against any particular religion or caste. In this tweet, I have only written against those who attacked corona fighters and will keep writing even in the future. Protection Status