Now You Can Auto-Reply To WhatsApp Texts

Replying to all the WhatsApp texts you receive can be a tedious task sometimes, like, on your birthday, wedding anniversary day, etc., when your phone keeps notifying you about the messages you receive. Now WhatsApp comes with a new feature where you can set up an auto-reply to all your texts received on Whatsapp! Check it out.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 06, 2020 15:49 IST

Tags: App News Tech
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Replying To All Your WhatsApp Texts Can Be Easy From Now.

As we all know, communication has become much cheaper and easier after Whatsapp entered the Social Media application world. However, in a few cases, it can also cause stress and anxiety when some people take it very seriously when not responded to quickly. Considering this, WhatsApp allows you to use auto-reply to intimate people that you are currently busy. Once you set up this feature, the auto-reply is sent automatically to people who are trying to contact you immediately.

How To Set Auto-Reply In WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is widely used as a platform for small and medium businesses. It has a feature that allows you to set up “away messages” when you’re not online. You can set automated replies and also schedule them as per your desired timings. Here we will see how we can set up auto-reply away messages using WhatsApp business.

Step 1: This is to decide who gets what auto-reply away message.

  1. Tap on the three dots which appear on the top right corner of your WhatsApp and select “Settings”. Now select “Business Settings” and then “Away Message”
  2. Next, turn on the toggle button, “Send away messages.”
  3. Enter the “away” message or tap on it to edit the text, which has to be sent to your customers accordingly.
  4. For understanding when to program your messages to be deployed, select the type of schedule after you edit the message.
  5. Lastly, select the recipients to whom the “away” message has to be sent

Step 2: This is to schedule the “away” signal to work at a specific time, i.e., the time that you know you will be away from your phone.

“Always Schedule” option can be selected when you’re on vacation and can’t talk for days.

Custom Schedule” option can be used to customize when you want the “away” messages to be sent to your customer. It allows you to set a time, and whenever a contact sends a message to you in this timeframe, it’ll send the “away” message.

“Outside of business hours” is based on what you’ve set as your business hours. Any contact who texts you outside that time frame will be reverted with the “away” message.

Step 3: This is to choose your recipients

  1. Select “Everyone” to send the “away” message to all contacts who contact you
  2. Select “Everyone not in the address book” to send the message to contacts that are not saved in your contact list
  3. Select “Everyone except” to send message to all except particular selected contacts
  4. Select “Only send to” to send the message to selected contacts.

Do not forget to save all the changes before you leave. And note that auto-reply works only when there is an active internet connection. Protection Status