Online Wedding To Take Place Amid Lockdown: Role of Internet Make it Happen Happily

Online weddings take place in some parts of India amidst coronavirus lockdown. Here are some couples who didn't let the lockdown to postpone or call off their wedding plans. They conduct their weddings in popular apps such as Google meet, zoom, etc.

by Kavitha

Updated: May 04, 2020 17:49 IST

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Online Wedding -  Amid Lockdown

Love seems to be true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples have called off or postponed their weddings during the lockdown situation in India which affected their pre-planned happily ever after scene.  This pandemic made couples to marry virtually. Indian weddings with grand food arrangements, music, and dance are now simplified. Weddings take place online at COVID-19 where couples need to give up on their plans to have a dream or destination wedding. Many apps such as Google Meet, Zoom Help in achieving it.

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