PM Modi Conducts meeting with Chief Ministers to assess COVID-19 Situation in Country

On the COVID-19 situation, PM Modi made a meeting via video conference with all Chief Ministers and also included Union Home Minister Amit Shah & Defence Minister Rajnath Singh present.

by Sabiya

Updated: Apr 02, 2020 18:52 IST

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Video Conference

In the Country COVID-19 cases jumped to 1,965.  The Health Minister announced Newly 131 coronavirus cases reported across the country in the last 12 hours. PM Modi holds the video Conference meeting with all Chief Ministers. The Prime Minister urged people to look at the Ayush Ministry protocol for strengthening the body’s immunity amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Many things in the protocol that are diligently done for years, such as drinking only hot water through the year, and said good health was a harbinger of happiness, and people should focus on being healthy. Protection Status