Protect and Glow Moments of Sameera Reddy and her Son Goes Viral

Coronavirus is affecting many people and still there is no end for this deadly virus. Amid lockdown Former Actress and Model, Sameera Reddy shares a cute video of her protect and glow moments to wash their hands. Let's watch the video here. 

Updated: May 03, 2020 11:18 IST


Hari Aditya


Protect and Glow Moments of Mom and Son

In 2019, Sameera gave birth to her second child with husband Akshai Varde. She shared a picture with her newborn daughter. Now, during the lockdown, the actress shared a video of her son, and she washing hands with Pears. Mom son duo have fun and a paid partnership with Pears India.

Hans and me are loving our time together in this lockdown, especially because it involves bubbles, lather, and so much fun! He loves his Pears bar of soap, the smell, how soft his hands feel after washing with it, and all the bubbles blown on his mama. What I love is that he is truly protected, and that's what makes me glow. All you mamas & papas out there, share with us your Pears