#QuarantineQuotes Trending Hashtag on Twitter

Self-quarantine is the need of the hour in today’s life. So netizens have made the hashtag #QuarantineQuotes trending on twitter by sharing quotes related to quarantine. Check out the tweets here.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 12:34 IST

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Without knowing what to do at home during this quarantine, people have gone crazy over the internet, sharing memes and videos of the coronavirus, taking up ‘trending challenges’, discovering new talents, and sharing them on social media, and what not? Some of them are so idle that they scroll through their social media accounts and come up with something or the other just like this hashtag #QuarantineQuotes. People have been sharing quotes related to quarantine on twitter with this hashtag that it has reached more than 32K tweets. 
This hashtag has been used in a number of tweets that are funny, inspiring, spreading awareness, spreads hope, ponderable, etc., check out some tweets below that were shared along with the hashtag #QuarantineQuotes.







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