Radha the Stuffed Toy Cat of Adah Sharma Posses 35K Followers

Adah Sharma and her Doll Radha Sharma get viral in the trend. The Commando 3 Actress has created an Instagram page of her stuffed cat which already has over 35,000 followers. She announced the debut of her toy with a picture along with Tindey director Seemaa Desai

Updated: Apr 29, 2020 12:17 IST


Hari Aditya


Aadhah - Radha Duo in Tindey

Adah Sharma is an Indian actress who stars mainly in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil language films. Sharma made her acting debut after finishing her schooling with a leading role in the Hindi language horror film 1920 in 2008. Now thee Actress created an Instagram page for her Stuffed Toy Cat Named Radha Sharma. Now the Fan following of the toy page reached 35K. 

Not only that creating nepotism with a toy, but Adah Sharma has also included the role of the toy in her upcoming movie shortfilm Tindey. On her Instagram page, she said 'Soooo much love u guys have been sending Radha and me for my TED talk and for my short film TINDEY so I've decided to do.... *drum roll* '

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