Rail Accident in Maharashtra

Rail Accident in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad: A goods train carrying petrol and diesel from Nanded to Manmad, at Gadhejalgaon village in Maharashtra's Aurangabad district, mowed down at least 14 migrant workers who slept on the railway tracks on Friday morning. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Condoles for the dear ones of the people lost their lives

Updated: May 08, 2020 10:32 IST


Hari Aditya


A train runs over migrant workers,14 killed in Aurangabad

In the wake of the national lockdown, at least 15 migrant laborers returning to Madhya Pradesh died after being run over by a goods train in Maharashtra's Aurangabad on Friday. Officials said one individual suffered injuries. The accident occurred on the Aurangabad-Jalna railway line at around 5:30 am. An official informed news agency that due to fatigue the laborers who had been walking along the tracks on the railway slept. The official said early in the morning they'd been mowed down by the train. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh condoles for the those who have lost their loved ones in this accident