Raj Kapoor was one of my all-time favorite filmmakers Says Karan Johar

As Bollywood came to grips with the demise of Irrfan, yet another surprising news came to knock at the doorstep. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who has been diagnosed with cancer, breathed his last breath today in Mumbai. Soon after the news came out, Bollywood celebrities on social networking sites mourned the demise of a star with sincere sympathies. Karan Johar One of the famous Fim maker poured out his heart in his Instagram page

Updated: Apr 30, 2020 13:41 IST


Hari Aditya


The Magic of Face Mapping

As Bollywood was coming to terms with Irrfan's death, yet another shocking news came in knocking at the doorstep. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who was diagnosed with cancer, breathed his last in Mumbai today. Soon after the news broke out, Bollywood celebrities mourned the loss of a gem with heartfelt condolences on social media platforms. On his Instagram page, Karan wrote 'Raj Kapoor was one of my favorite moviemakers of all time!!!! And Rishi Kapoor is my favorite star of all time!! This is Sandeep's present to me and I would like to thank him for this offer, one I'll really be treasuring!!!! I would also like to please advise you all to go ahead and relax!!! You are completely required to do so!!!! artist'

But only assume for once that Karan Johar is featured in the song instead of Kapoor and he is the one who is singing coyly. Using the face-swapping function, the filmmaker judiciously and hilariously posted a video to Instagram where we could see his face plastered on the body of Rishi Kapoor.

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