Recycled Plastic became Face Masks and Hands-Free door handles to counter Coronavirus

Recycling project The open-source devices with Precious Plastic are used to recycle plastic and transform it into face covers, respirator masks and hands-free coronavirus door handles.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 10, 2020 13:05 IST

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Recycle the Plastic

Designers and manufacturers that use the Valuable Plastic devices are repurposing them to produce products that local health care staff use. Groups in Germany, Spain, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland use open-source machines shredding and remolding old plastic to create face covers, ventilator masks, and handles that enable users to unlock a door without hitting it.

"A Precious Plastic workspace in Gran Canaria was requested to provide over 3,000 face visors for the government, hospitals, and private sector," said Precious Plastics member Rory Dickens. Their injection molding machines can manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) 75 times faster than a 3D printer explained Dickens, who co-founded UK nonprofit Recycle Rebuild.

In Germany, the plastic recycling workshop Kunststoffschmiede uses its machinery to manufacture 20,000 visors for the Dresden region. Plasticpreneur has also gone into mass manufacturing in Austria, which produces machines for the plant. Such face covers prevent the user from spattering on them from contagious droplets and help hold their face masks safe. Masks with medical-grade N95 or FFP2 have to be repaired if they get dirty, but are in limited supply worldwide. Protection Status