Reliance Jio Helps India to stay fit with Yoga Lessons from Yoga Experts

Reliance Jio company launched Yoga Guru who has been helping India stay active from home, one asana at a time via her in-depth & refreshing Yoga lessons on her Instagram page. Stay fit stay home and follow the basic ancient discipline of India yoga even during these trying times. They made hashtags namely #StayHomeIndia #StayConnected #Yoga #DigitalIndia #JioTogether #JioDigitalLife

Updated: Apr 28, 2020 14:54 IST



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Reliance Jio - Yoga Guru

Reliance Jio launched Yoga Guru a session related to basic exercises where India stays active from home. Amid lockdown, people need Yoga lessons to refresh themselves. Many professionals conduct live chat on Instagram page. Tag these yoga people to celebrate any such Yoga Gurus #OnJio you know of who are helping India stay fit. Hashtags tagged are #StayHomeIndia #StayConnected #Yoga
#DigitalIndia #JioTogether #JioDigitalLife

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