Sameera Reddys Appreciation to her fans for Encouraging her to be on her Own

Coronavirus is affecting many people and still, there is no end for this deadly virus. Amid lockdown Former Actress and Model, Sameera Reddy had spoken about overcoming her own insecurities and enjoying motherhood

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 06, 2020 16:33 IST

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Sameera's Appreciation Post

Actress Sameera Reddy Instagram photos are sure to make you happy at those tough times. If it's her celebrating her motherhood, sharing Sassy Saasu & Messy Mama, or her occasional self-love notes, she's sure to build plenty of positivity in tough times.

She had talked about resolving her own insecurities and loving motherhood sometime before. So now she's taken to Instagram to thank viewers for having helped her be. She said, 'People will always have an opinion about you and it’s impossible to please the world. Thank you for letting me be me. It took me too long to get here. To this crazy happy fearless space. For years I wanted to be accepted as many things. Maybe for a great body, a successful actress, for society to stamp my arrival, for the fashion world to tell me I was best dressed,l wanted all these things. But here I am today: just me. And damn it’s awesome. Love you for laughing at my silliness and celebrating my soul. I put my life, my family, and heart out there and you respond in the most magical ways. It means a lot'.

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