Scientists Propose Nanomedicine Against Any Disease including COVID-19 Utilizing Citrus Extracts

Researchers at S. N. Bose National Basic Science Centre, Kolkata (SNBNCBS) has produced a healthy and cost-effective nanomedicine that aims to cure a variety of diseases by modifying the body's oxidative stress.

Updated: May 03, 2020 16:20 IST


Hari Aditya

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Nano tech to Treat Any Disease

Research can provide a ray of hope in India's battle against COVID-19, as nanomedicine can decrease or increase our body's reactive oxygen species (ROS), depending on the case, and cure the disease. The capacity of this work to monitor ROS enhancement in mammals increases expectations for a new opportunity for nanomedicine application in the treatment of viral infections, like COVID-19. Animal testing is completed for the Reduction & Oxidation Processes (Redox) healing of many diseases, and the institute is now searching for sponsors to launch human clinical trials.