Set a routine for yourself & devote some time to learning Says MHRD

Listen to SWAYAMPrabha, an MHRD-launched educational DTH channel subscription to enable the students to know via edutainment. Including all the information regarding subscribing to the DTH interactive learning platform to make learning enjoyable for your children.

Updated: May 06, 2020 13:36 IST


Hari Aditya


Tune to SWAYAMPrabha

The Human Resource Development Ministry (MHRD) has unveiled SWAYAMPrabha which is a special DTH channel e-learning subscription to improve student learning by edutainment. SWAYAM Prabha strives to improve full student learning capabilities through different DTH networks. SWAYAMPrabha e-classes essentially telecast 24x7 instructional programs to allow their stay at home during the national lockout positive for the students.

On its Twitter page, MHRD wrote, 'Students, while you are at home, set a routine for yourself & devote some time to learning! #COVID19
Tune into SWAYAM Prabha channel no. 31 "Kishore Manch" for content, approved by #NCERT in all subjects!' Protection Status