State Govt Rolls Out Financial Aid Program with 4.32 lakh sands Assamese desperately returning home

On Saturday's Assam health minister Himanta Biswa- Sarma told the state helpline, of which 4,32 lakh calls were confirmed, that over 9,29 lakh missed calls were received.

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 19, 2020 12:39 IST

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The financial aid programs

The Assam Government has listed 4,32 lakh persons who are eligible for a "subsistence profit," but who have been locked out of the country. Earlier, by naming them case by case, the state government worked on a scheme to provide assistance payments to people from Assam stranded outside the State and abroad.

On Saturday's Assam health minister Himanta Biswa- Sarma told the state helpline, of which 4,32 lakh calls were confirmed, that over 9,29 lakh missed calls were received. The state government is preparing to provide financial help to the first 50,000 persons enrolled by the national health mission (NHM) with the verification process still in progress.

Assam Minister of Health Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Saturday that over 9.29 lakh of missed calls were received by state helpline number, 4.32 lakh of which were verified. The state governments intend to provide the first five thousand individuals registered through the National Health Mission (NHM) with financial assistance in the verification process, which remains underway.

So far, 4.32 lakh people have been reported who have been trapped in part of the country and would like to come home. Many of them come from a more troubled economic history. Tomorrow would potentially help the first 50,000 people. To date, 2.17 lakhs have completed forms, and I ask others to seek assistance and to file forms quickly, "said Sarma.

The Government had previously declared that those of "high middle class" and sound currency would not benefit from this.

"If we do a physical search, we can see how many people are in the affordable category. The home-to-home survey is currently being carried out by the district administration. Out of 45,469 applications, only 1,206 have been rejected under economic criteria. And 95 percent of these people are those who are working for a salary not more than Rs 15 to 20 thousand," added Sarma.

Sixty-four thousand people are living in Karnataka from Assam employed outside the State. Tamil Nadu has a population of 34,000 from Assam, but 33,000 from Kerala. Twenty-one thousand people in Maharashtra and 16,000 in Telangana come from Assam, among other States. There are approximately 22,778 laborers spread across Gujarat, Goa, West Bengal, Haryana, and New Delhi.

Nagaon District is home to a large number of people outside the province. The state government expects the return of about 15 lakhs to Assam from hotspots in the country when the lockout is lifted.

There were identified and offered $1,000 each to 34 Assamese stranded outside the country. The next payment of the same sum is due on April 25th, and those who have begun a short trip abroad but are now eligible for this support until the last few dollars.

The Government also provided Rs 25,000 to 725 critically ill Assam patients, each hospitalized outside the State, with financial support.

Until Saturday afternoon, Assam reported 34 cases in Delhi's Nizamuddin, 32 being related to the Markaz event of March. Twelve patients with COVID-19 were recovered from the hospital and released. While 79% of infected individuals are males, 21% are female patients with COVID-19.

"Assam is in a comfortable situation before the first wave has been involved," Sarma said, adding that when it comes to research, the Government is moderately placed. In the six approved Government Testing Facilities in Assam, approximately 150-200 samples are checked daily. The Government plans to undergo fast testing in state hospitals. Protection Status