Google Doodle: Google Doodle Stay and Play at Home Cricket Game

Google has launched Google's 'Stay and Play at Home' Doodle as expected, contributing to fresh and varied Google Doodle games for the next two weeks per day. The games would be a throwback to past famous Google Doodle games and Cricket (2017) is today's Google 'Stay and Play at Home' Doodle game. Read on to learn how to play the famous game of cricket on Google Doodle.

Updated: May 26, 2020 11:19 IST



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Google Doodle Cricket Back in Trend

The famous and old game Google Doodle Cricket (2017) has been put forward by Google. Back in 2017, the cricket doodle was launched to commemorate the ICC Champions Cup. Google's blog post says the Cricket (2017) Doodle is accessible in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, portions of Africa, the USA, Brazil, and Taiwan. Download the game and play safely at home. Watch Popular Google doodle Games video to learn the winning tricks.

How to Play the Game:

  • Open Google

  • The 'Stay and Play at Home' Cricket (2017) Doodle will appear

  • Tap on it and the Cricket game will appear in the top snippet in a Google Search

  • Select the Play option in the snippet to continue

  • Now, you have to click on the Cricket (2017) game picture to commence the game

  • The cricket game will be between cricket and snails. Once you start playing it, you will bat on the part of the cricket to earn points. All you have to do is tap on the yellow bat option when a ball comes towards you and earn runs

Google Doodle - FAQ

1. What is Google Doodle game?

Google, the tech giant brought back selected doodles from the past which were extremely popular when they were released. Google took this as an initiative to cure boredom experienced by the people during this lockdown.