#StopAttackingSaffron - Twitter Trends

#StopAttackingSaffron - a Hashtag turns viral in twitter trends after attacks faced by the Hindus. Until when Hindu being attacked, for insecurities of minorities. Secularism applied for only these insecure people and attacking Hindus? Hashtag created swag among the netizens to rebel against the attackers.

Updated: May 01, 2020 11:35 IST


Hari Aditya


Attack on Saffron

In this context, it was reported from some journalists and police employees that the committee workers had applied tilak on their foreheads and wore saffron colored caps. As part of this religious practice, the action was taken against the workers of the committee for their being Hindu.  The same officer also took action against him due to a saffron flag being leveled at his fruit shop 7 days before the incident. Many social organizations are helping people during the period of traffic closure, But no action was taken against them. There is a discussion among the people here that action should be taken against the workers of the committee only due to the Hindu sentiments. TN Govt had announced that 5,450-ton rice, will be given to 2,895 mosques to prepare porridge. Festivals in temples have been canceled due to lockdown but appeasement politics direct favor only in one direction.