Tamil Nadu forest guard carries elephant calf on his shoulders after rescuing it. Old pic goes viral

After retrieving it, the internet discovered an old photo of a Tami Nadu forest guard holding an elephant calf on his hands.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 14, 2020 18:52 IST

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Rescue of the Elephant Calf

Since retrieving it in Tamil Nadu, an old image of a forest guard holding an elephant calf on his shoulders has emerged on the internet and is quickly viral. Indian Forest Service's Dipika Bajpai tweeted the photo on Monday. The event took place in December 2017 when the elephant calf mistakenly dropped into a pit and was saved by Palanichamy shortly after. Palanichamy kept the calf on his back during the rescue mission and helped the kid reunite with his mum. "Flashback image. Elephant calf rescued by Tamil Nadu forest guard made headlines. Mr. Palanichamy carried the calf on his shoulders which had fallen into a ditch. The calf was later united with its mother," Dipika Bajpai said in the caption of her post.

The picture garnered over 2,000 likes while netizens thanked Palanichamy in the comments section. "Salute to Mr. Palanichamy and many like him who are going the extra mile in preserving wildlife," a user said. Another added, "Never seen before a man holding an elephant's calf on the shoulder. It seems he is a true worker from the heart. Good work. A rare picture to see." See the comments here:


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