Tata Sky: Broadband Plans are no longer unlimited

During a time when home broadband lines are used more than ever by people working from home, and when most Internet service providers (ISPs) help them with more data, higher speeds, and the promise of better service, Tata Sky Broadband has chosen to go the other way round. The organization has agreed to add a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to restrict the unlimited plans in a way.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 19, 2020 15:02 IST

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Here's what you need to know

Here's where we are now at with the updated unlimited plans by Tata Sky Broadband. To demonstrate, let's take the example of plans provided in Mumbai. There are three plans which are unlimited. The first is priced at Rs 900 and provides speeds of up to 25Mbps. Then there is the Rs 1,000 plan that offers 50Mbps, and the Rs 1100 plan provides 100Mbps. These were completely unlimited plans so far, but now, if you use 1500GB of data in a month, the access speed decreases to 2Mbps by the end of the billing period of that month.

This somewhat perplexing move comes at a time when competing ISPs are doing their utmost to make their users' lives simpler. Reliance Jio announced earlier this month it was raising the network efficiency of its broadband network and is giving all users the double data gain. Then there are the likes of Excitel broadband, which offer users robust billing deals, while ACT broadband offered its users higher speed upgrades free of charge during this home-phase work as the country remains in lockdown trying to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

Airtel has also consistently promised uninterrupted service to customers and is continuing to add new customer connections even in the lockdown including 1Gbps connections.



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