Telegram Introducing Chat Folders, Channel Stats, and Further Updates

Telegram is receiving a fresh update: All that's latest is here. WhatsApp's competitor Telegram has received a fresh redesign, and the platform now comes with a range of different features. The new edition of the update 6.0 comes with apps like 'Chat experience' and 'Channel performance tracking.' This also features fresh emojis, as well.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 03, 2020 14:55 IST

Tags: App News Tech
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Rolling Out New Update 

In the newest update Telegram Messenger added a number of new apps. The software version 6.0 includes two big enhancements of 'Chat Experience' and 'Channel Performance Monitoring.' The update comes out for both Android and iOS users. The organization has stated that version 6.0 includes a new range of video- and voice-based messages emojis and animations. Telegram appears to have rolled out the latest updates to the de-clutter chat screen as consumers invest more time on the app. Additionally, the video and voice-based messages were integrated with modern emoji and animations. In their statement, the organization said, "The emojis were specifically released to inspire and support its consumers in the difficult period the planet is experiencing with COVID 19."

Similarly, the new update of Telegram has enhanced the Archive chat feature on the app. Android users can also delete long-pressed messages, although on the iOS users can just swipe left to delete the chat. The company also stated that the 'muted messages' should remain indefinitely archived and do not show on the main screen if a new message is received.

Eventually, Telegram has added a new stats-based function for telegram channels holding more than 1000 users in the redesign of the Channel performance tracking. Thereby, channel administrators can track the development and success of a channel depending on several metrics like language, new fans, post views, new interactions, updates, etc. An administrator may also display an average channel output graphical depiction of the data over the intended duration.
Channel administrators would need to pick their Channel first to use this feature. After this, the admin would have to click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner and then pick the Statistic Details. Protection Status