The Fans trend #ThalaAJITHBDayGalaCDP on Twitter, following Ajiths Plea Not to Celebrate his Birthday in Anyway

During epidemic Covid-19, Thala Ajith Birthday falls on May 1st., Ajith sent his message on Twitter asking fans not to celebrate his birthday.  

Updated: Apr 27, 2020 09:53 IST


Hari Aditya


#ThalaAJITHBDayGalaCDP Trending

For a long time, several people may have seen on Twitter #ThalaAJITHBDayGalaCDP trending. Fans of Ajith adopted the trend to celebrate their 'Thala's birthday which falls on May 1. They did so despite Ajith himself being told not to celebrate his birthday this year because of the coronavirus outbreak. While Ajith's fan clubs requested Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Aadhav Kannadasan to release a poster from the actor's upcoming film so that it can be used on Twitter as a common display image, the duo told the fans that Ajith did not want to celebrate his birthday this year.