TikTok video of Rimi Tomy goes viral as she cries her heart out

During the lockout time, singer and actress Rimi Tomy has become sensational on social media.

Updated: May 05, 2020 19:57 IST




Tiktok of Rimi Tomy

With the TikTok videos of Rimi Tomy that were loved and adored by her followers, she had posted a recent emotional Tik video on TikTok, where her heart cried. The video went viral, and fans loved her all the more for her spotless acting ability. 

In her video, She wrote, "This is my first duet video, and I don't know about one at another end," and shared that she wrote, 'It's always my first duet video, and I'm not familiar with that at the other end.'

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