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The makeup brush challenge will be a fun thing to do with your friends during this quarantine. All you will have to do is to change your look from pajama girl to dolled up queen. Check out how you can work on bringing up this video.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 24, 2020 17:23 IST

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The Makeup Brush Challenge.

During the lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic, people are stuck in their homes and are looking for ways to entertain themselves and not let boredom kill them. Recently, TikTok has come up with a new challenge called “Make-up Brush Challenge.” If you are missing dressing up and putting on make-up to step outside your house, this Tik-Tok challenge is for you. Now is the time for make-up lovers to take out their brushes and have some real fun with them. Want a step-to-step guide to take part in the “Make-up Brush Challenge”? Read further.

“Make-up Brush Challenge” Guide

You will need your make-up brush and an excellent soundtrack. Here is how to begin:

  • A group of friends needs to decide their roles in the video as it is technical.

  • Take out your make-up brushes.

  • The first person needs to appear in the camera with no-make-up. Then she needs to grab a brush from any side she wants and then transform herself into a glammed up queen.

  • The same person needs to drop the make-up brush.

  • Now, the other one should look like catching the brush from above and using it as the first one did.

  • Now, you can cover the camera with that brush, and the third person can grab it from the front.

  • Repeat it with the help of as many friends as you can and then edit the videos.

  • The clips should be put in such a way that the video appears in a continuation.

  • You can add any filter and soundtrack of your choice to make the Tik-Tok video look attractive.

Here's video for reference:

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