Tips and Tricks to Follow in Ludo King

As we all know, the game has exploded in popularity. The tips and tricks mentioned can be used during gameplay to increase your chances of scoring a win. Read on to know more.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 22, 2020 12:58 IST

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Ludo King.

One game that has grown immensely during the COVID-19 lockdown is Ludo King. Many people have started playing it since they have played it a lot during their childhood. This online game helps you connect and play with your friends, families, partners, etc. without the stress of finding that one missing piece of your physical board game. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks you can follow for an easy win.

Collect all of the free coins which are available as daily rewards.

As most of us do like spending money inside of an app, every coin that you can get for free within the game would allow you to play for a longer time, helping you stay connected to your close friends during these dark times. So try your best to collect as much as free coins whenever possible.

Are you playing for fun? Play small.

Play it smart and play rounds of 50 to 100 coins allowing the time of fun and connection prolong, maintaining contact with your close friends. Going in for a bid of 5,000 coins per player is not a wise decision to make because that might win you a game but make the opposite player bankrupt inside the game, which will not allow him/her to play the next round.

Getting all pieces free should be your goal.

If you focus on playing the game with one token at a time, you are at a high risk of getting the token killed where you might be just around the corner of your home lane. The best tip is to take out every token and spread them slowly and equally, preparing a strategy to win.

Spread your tokens throughout the board.

Spreading all of your tokens throughout the board will give you a strategic advantage inside the game of luck as you can move a token freely that doesn’t have any other token chasing to kill it. At the same time, keep other tokens strategically placed, waiting to kill any tokens that get ahead of you and threaten to take your winning place.

Change the game, now and then.

Just playing Ludo all the time gets humdrum and might drive you away from the app. The app developers knew about that already and have added two more games within the app. One is Snakes and Ladders and then another game, a set of pure luck, called Lucky 7. So, every time you get bored, shift, and play one of the other games for a while. Protection Status