TN records 98 new Covid-19 cases, same source infected 91 of these patients

On Monday, the State of Tamil Nadu reported as many as 98 new cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the state's total number of confirmed cases to 1,173. Tamil Nadu has experienced 11 deaths linked to coronavirus as of April 13. Moreover, 58 patients were treated and discharged for the infection.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 13, 2020 21:10 IST

Tags: India Corona
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TN Health Secretary

 "Out of the 98 new cases, 91 contract the infection from the same source. Of the remaining 7, 4 were infected by a contact who had previously tested positive," said Beela Rajesh, Tamil Nadu Health Secretary. She added, "We're taking aggressive containment steps at Tamil Nadu. This is the success story of TN. We've tracked the contacts of every positive patient."

Selective medicine will be provided to the doorstep of residents of Tamil Nadu starting Tuesday, the health secretary also said. A variety of medications have been added to this list and will be required to use the home delivery service for those with a prescription. Beela Rajesh also said state authorities had agreed to procure drugs, three-layer masks, N95 masks, personal protection equipment kits and ventilators that were serviced at a time when the state did not even have a single reported Covid-19 case.

"We have a task force and 12 planning teams. We have teams to track hotspots and predict what is happening in the state and to see how many beds are available. Quick test kits have been ordered. It is a surveillance tool. We don't expect this. We use our PCR test kits to do vigorous testing. Both severe acute respiratory infections (SARIs), high-risk, and low-risk cases are being tested in the state, "added Beela Rajesh, TN Health Secretary.

Health Secretary Beela Rajesh also said 31 patients with coronavirus in Tamil Nadu were under the age of 10. Chennai has the most cases with 208 (9 new cases), followed by Coimbatore with 126 cases (7 new cases), Tirupur with 78 cases (18 new cases), Karur with 41 cases (15 new cases), and Madurai with 39 cases (14 new cases),' she told media outlets Monday. Protection Status