Trolls ask more questions related to Ramayan to taunt Sonakshi Sinha; the actress closes them with one answer

On Instagram Live, Sonakshi Sinha, gave many a chance to ask her about the Ramayan because during her KBC episode last year, she was not aware of the main reality. Here is how she returned it.

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 18, 2020 21:46 IST

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Sonakshi's live interview on Instagram

Remember, last year, when Amitabh Bachchan did not respond to a simple question about Ramayan, Sonakshi Sinha was trained in Kaun Banega Crorepati? It was asked, "Who was that Hanuman had fetched the herb for Sanjeevani?" and Sonakshi had been left unanswered. Her father, Shatrughan Sinha was named after the brother of Lord Rama, and even her children, Luv and Kush, were named from the sons of Lord Rama. She wanted to give her a response that had left Sr Bachchan so amused that they had taken her case, stating how her bungalow was called Ramayana.

This was enough to make Sonakshi a troll topic, but just as she thought it was a thing of the past, yesterday's Instagram question came back in her life.

Sanjivani Buti Kaun Tha, a spectator, decided when Sonakshi was having a nice Q / A session with her fans to taunt her? "In reality, many people asked her similar questions about Ramayan because the mythological drama is back on TV. But Sonakshi did not know that any of the Ramayana questions were real, but just a way to get back at her with the KBC segment. So you just decided to close down by saying, "Many of you have questions relating to Ramayan, please check it out in Doordarshan and you will receive all your answers.

For the fans who asked questions related to Ramayan, Sonakshi Sinha shuts down trolls 

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Ironically, Mukesh Khanna recently commented on the television re-event of Ramayan and Mahabharat and how he will help the young generation and people like Sonakshi to educate themselves.

when Sonakshi was trolled for her KBC's old episode , she had hit back at trolls stating, "Dear jaage hue trolls.I don't even remember the Pythagoras theorem,Merchant of Venice,Periodic Table,Chronology of the Mughal Dynasty,aur kya kya yaad nahi woh bhi yaad nahi. Agar aapke paas koi kaam nahi aur Itna time hai toh please yeh sab pe bhi memes banao na. I love memes". 

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