Twitter Reintroduced a feature and share your personal data with advertisers

Twitter app made changes in its app privacy settings and reintroduced a feature and share your personal data with advertisers. They continue the feature operating as a free service. The users in India and various parts of the world received the pop-up message late Wednesday.

by Kavitha

Updated: Apr 09, 2020 20:10 IST

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Twitter Privacy Setting

Twitter came out with privacy setting Share your data with Twitter's business partners that allowed users to stop sharing some personal data with its advertisers. They received the pop-up message late to control you have over what information Twitter shares with its business partners has changed.

Twitter - Share your Data

Twitter's privacy settings called Share your data with Twitter's business. It will let the users disable sharing some of their personal information. That setting is still there but you have no control over mobile app advertising measurements unless you are in Europe or in the UK where you can still opt-out from sharing "non-public" personal information like device identifiers. This information can include IP address and mobile device advertising identifiers for devices that open or log in to Twitter's mobile apps.

Twitter shares certain non-public personal information with advertisers for advertising campaigns through its platform. This information can include which ads a particular browser or device saw, watched, or otherwise interacted with. Twitter said officially it will now run ads for its app on Facebook and Google. Users can check out of sharing "non-public data such as whether or not they installed Twitter's app as a result of an ad with Google and Facebook. Protection Status