Union Health Ministry issues new guidelines for home isolation with very mild symptoms of coronavirus

People who have very mild symptoms of coronavirus can go with home isolation if they have the requisite self-isolation facility at their residence. A new set of guidelines the patient should be clinically assigned in a very mild case or pre-symptomatic case by treating a medical officer.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020 13:52 IST



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New guidelines for home isolation - COVID-19 Patients

The Corona patient should regularly inform his health status to the district surveillance officer for further follow up by the surveillance teams. The confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease are currently being isolated and managed in a hospital setting with the intent to break the chain of transmission. As per existing guidelines, the patients should be clinically assigned as very mild/mild, moderate or severe, and accordingly admitted to Covid Care Centre. Around global evidence, 80 percent of COVID cases are mild cases while the remaining 20 percent would require hospitalization. Only 5 percent may require ICU care. 

Read the below pdf where union government framed a set of guidelines

MOHFW - New Guidelines Pdf