UP: Lucknow reaches the first specific train that transports migrant workers

The state government in Uttar Pradesh brings the migrant workers from the state back. This morning, Lucknow arrived at the first special train transporting migrant workers from the state. State government talks with officials of concern to run more of these state trains reports related to AIR.

by Nithiya

Updated: May 03, 2020 16:13 IST

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Special train for migrants

Lucknow reached Lucknow this morning with a special train transporting 847 migrant workers in Maharashtra. They were sent to the officials of the Lucknow district at Charbagh railway station and were sent to each district by 30 state buses after medical check-ups. Sushil Pratap Singh, the town magistrate, said that the majority of workers in the eastern state districts are from Shamli districts and the Lalitpur districts. The workers were instructed on social distancing and the strict compliance with locking guidelines before leaving their districts.

Earlier in the north, Gorakhpur was left with another train from Bhiwandi Maharashtra, with 1,104 migrant workers. Trains will also reach the state with stretched workers from Sabarmati and other places. Meanwhile, Minister Chief Yogi Adityanath ordered officials to make employment arrangements for ten to fifteen lakh state migrant workers. A high-level committee has already achieved this.


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