Veda Krishnamurthy misses cricket during lockdown, finds best solution in Isolation Cup

Citizens are finding creative ways to pass their time despite the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Some, including celebrities and even sports stars, participate in new hobbies. Indian cricketer Veda Krishnamurthy has taken to Twitter today to share a video of the most innovative way to play the game with her fellow cricketers.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 15, 2020 21:13 IST

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Along with Mona Meshram, Reema Malhotra, Anuj Malhotra, Akanksha Kohli, and Lisa Sthalekar, Krishnamurthy came from their homes to make a joint video of them playing cricket as they missed the game.

Krishnamurthy shared the video and captioned, "We were missing cricket, so we created our own league while at home. Presenting to you Isolation Cricket Cup @sthalekar93 @ReemaMalhotra8 @MonaMeshram30 @AKohli18."

The video starts with the Lisa Sthalekar as the commentator announcing the Cricket Isolation Cup as the camera pans to an unidentified wicket placed in a jar. Then join the screen Reema Malhotra and Anuj Malhotra who serve as bowler and umpire. Protection Status