Vijay Devarkonda Middle-Class Foundation Work Tirelessly Amid Lockdown

Vijay Devarkonda Middle-Class Foundation working for the people round the clock and the trust has their fund which is provided to the needy people. In a time of Corona Virus Lockdown, they were training the volunteers night, and day time they are busy serving the needs of the people.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020 10:08 IST




Vijay Devarkonda - Middle-Class Foundation - Tweet

Vijay Devarkonda's Middle-Class Foundation helped all the needy people in a time of coronavirus lockdown, around 20,675 requests for the foundation received. The amount funded is 3, 36,111. The donations received are 717. The overall remaining fund is 60,39,145. In a tweet by Vijay Devarkonda mentioned the details.