Vir Das thanks Delhi High Court for failing to allow Immediate stay on the Hasmukh web series

Actor-comedian Vir Das thanked the Delhi High Court on Wednesday for failing to extend a temporary stay on the screening of his Netflix series Hasmukh and denying a petition alleging the series maligned the lawyers' reputations.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 07, 2020 15:03 IST

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Vir's Victory on High Court

Actor-comic Vir Das, who has been making news for his depiction of a tough stand-up comic in the Hasmukh Netflix show over the past few days, took to Twitter and posted a long note of thanks for his verdict on Tuesday at the Delhi Court. The Delhi High Court has declined to extend an immediate hold on the Netflix OTT platform's streaming of the Vir Das-starrer web series Hasmukh. The plea was seeking an interim stay on the web series claiming it maligned the image of lawyers at large.

The Delhi HC on Tuesday said issuing a stay order would conflict with the constitutionally protected freedom of speech and expression.

Das posted a message on Twitter saying there were as many as 10 "legal notices, groups organizing to down-rate" the series and a complaint claiming harm to the lawyers' image. Protection Status