Viral video shows how forest officials are helping elephant families cross the road. Seen Yet?

A video showing how forest officials have gone viral on the internet to help an elephant family cross a busy road. Check the latest news in trends from our site.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 08, 2020 13:12 IST

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Parveen Kaswan - A Real Hero

Indian Forest Service(lFS) Officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter on Monday to post a video of an elephant family crossing a forest road. In the clip, he attempted to clarify how officials support a herd cross a path in the woods. He clarified that within the forest is a herd being watched first. Before that, the roads are blocked for the safety of the families and to provide a secure passage for them and the people, traveling on the route. e included the caption with the film, "This is how it's done. Herds are tracked. Roads are blocked, and passage is provided to the family.

The video starts with an elephant family coming from the jungle. They come out onto the path to cross it and enter the forest's other edge. When the giants seek to cross the path they can see pedestrians on their cars in the distance waiting for them to pass. Kaswan also clarified in the post, basically, to monitor manual trackers of the elephants. 

He wrote, "By tracking, I didn't mean radio collars. Yes, elephants can have collars also for tracking. But they are done in few cases and projects. Here manual trackers are used." Protection Status